good to know


Possibilities and responsibilities

To live together is great and it's so much easier when you know whats expected of you, so we made some guides for you.

Code of conduct

These rules are simple and migth feel unnecessary for you - but we have seen that culture can vary...

  • After each use of the kitchen and utensils etc the Tenant shall, in person or with guests, make the dishes within 30 minutes - this includes oven, steaks and working areas. When using the steak you must not leave the kitchen due to risk for fire and smoke, the fan is to be used.


  • Tenant is responsibility for the room and its furniture and shared areas and its inventories, if damage or misplacement would happen the Tenant is to immediately notify the Landlord. If damage is at Tenants responsibility he is to pay and replace, if not the Landlord will replace or pay. Reparations due to normal use are at the expense of the Landlord.
  • Tenant is not allowed to rent out or lend out the room without permission of the Landlord. Tenant may not paint or equal without permission. Animal, smoking, living or smoking candles etc are not allowed and Tenants guests must follow rules. For outside BBQ-grill it's at Tenants own responsibility.

  • Between 23.00 and 07.00 on weekdays it shall be quiet in the house. It is not ok to slam doors on early or late times –that can offend both other tenats and neighbours. If someone says he is disturbed - show respect. if you gonna have a party always tell, and possibily invite your house mates.

Cleaning and maintenance

Nothing varies more then how and what to do with the shared areas - therefore we have rules, schedule and template to follow.

  • After each use of the kitchen and utensils etc Tenant shall, in person or with guests, make the dishes within 30 minutes - this includes oven, steaks and working areas.

  • The buying of cleaning materials and other consumables are to be done together and be paid by the Tenants as a group.

  • The surfaces Tenant has for his disposal in fridge/freezer and cupboards shall be kept clean.

  • Tenant is responsible for the cleaning of common areas every fifth week; those used by everyone such as kitchen with garbage handling, hallways, stairs etc. Follow cleaning schedule and follow cleaning rules.

  • Tenant of room A and B is responsible for the cleaning of the bathroom associated to the room every second week. Follow cleaning schedule and cleaning rules.

  • Tenant promise to respect the common rules. If not so the Tenant can be forced to move after warning from the Landlord without economical payback. If the Landlord is forced to hire or by himself do work that are supposed to be done by Tenant a cost for this is added to the next rent with 500kr an hour.

  • The function of vital machines and electricity etc is at the responsibility of the Landlord. If something’s wrong or mal function the Tenant is obliged to tell Landlord this. If problems are not fixed in normal time the Tenant is to be compensated for this by lowering of the rent.

  • Security deposit for Tenants staying at the house is one month’s rent – the whole sum is returned upon moving out if all paragraphs are followed and no damage of Tenants responsibilty is done to the room or house.