Co-living Värmdö

Co-living, private and not...

Get a lot of space and some thats only yours.

Live with people you will call your friends,

co-live in a great place!

15 years ago we built a co-living appartment in Gothenburg and now we opened up at the beatiful east coast, at Värmdö, bus stop Grisslinge - just 30 minutes from the center of Stockholm. 3 minutes to the bus stop and 4 minutes to the beach!

This house is fully equipped for six people with semi furnitured rooms, fiber internet, washing and dryer machine, sauna, outdoor possibilties, parking and a spectacular view. We accept application from persons ages 20-35 years. We like you to love co-living but it's up to you how formal or not you are here, we know from experience that the greatest living is that with an open door policy - and when you need privacy you just lock your door.

For more info, take a look on this site and see what room you like the most, write some stuff about yourself and send in your application.

We made a house for you and your living... Now it's all up to you!